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Femicide and Male Superiority

Author: Reyah Ahmed

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, another issue emerges in the country of South Africa. According to their President, Cyril Ramaphosa, “violence is being unleashed on the women and children of our country with a brutality that defies any form of comprehension.” Gender rights activists in South Africa believe that justice is too often delayed and the country does not do enough to fix the problem. Gender-based crimes rampage in Turkey as well, mostly due to widespread domestic violence issues that have pre-existed in the country. The recent murder of a Turkish student, known as Pinar Gültekin, sparked outrage not only in Turkey, but also on social media. A new trend arose on Instagram with the hashtag ‘women supporting women’ being used to raise awareness for these issues and promote women empowerment.

Femicide, or feminicide, is the act of committing a sex-based hate crime on females on account of their gender, and is mostly used for a murder at the hands of the victim’s partner. It is the ultimate form of violence against women and girls and exists around the world (as previously depicted in South Africa and Turkey). This ongoing violence against females continues to be not only tolerated, but accepted and justified. Its causes are rooted in gender inequality, systemic gender-based discrimination and gender expectations, misogyny, sexism, and much more. Women everywhere have taken stances against domestic violence and discrimiation and have begun countless protests in the battle against femicides. These battles have gone on for centuries, and if not stopped now, the issue may worsen. Therefore, supporters of the women’s movement will continue to fight against male superiority and discrimination to ensure a better future for the generations to come.


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Mural painted by women in "Zona 18" in Guatamela.