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Feminism means Equality, not Superiority

Article by: Sarah Roberts '22

Edited by: Sammy Freeman '22

"Oh, well she's such a feminist she always has something to say."

Commonly, the label of 'feminist' is wrongly given by men and sometimes other womxn to a woman who they think is "against men" or believe in female superiority.

So why has this word been used with a negative connotation? What is so wrong with equality? The truth is, thousands of people don’t believe that true equality in their eyes is possible because of the biological and physical differences between the sexes. However, there is a stark difference between being the same and being equal. No two people on this earth are the same, and yet we all deserve to be treated with respect, right?

If you are taking a math test, should the guy next to me have a different test because he is physically different than me? The answer most would give is no. The same goes in the world around us. Should men and womxn have different jobs, pay rates, and treatment just because they don’t look the same?

This superiority complex, however, dilutes the true meaning of a feminist; a person who believes in the equality of genders in the world and in the workplace. People who consider themselves feminists believe that there is no sex requirement when it comes to an equal world with political, social, and economic fairness. The idea that a 'feminist' is against men, dislikes men, or wants womxn to surpass men, is grossly incorrect.

Universally, equality is not a one way road, but a highway interchange. All of the roads intertwine, work together, and lead into each other. On a simpler level, men and womxn must both believe in the power of equality in order for true change to happen.

Just because men have a historical lead over womxn in the workplace doesn't mean men should be brought down to the level womxn are on in terms of oppression and sexism. It isn't a game of tug of war, there is no winner, no group is above another. Both sides must rally for a common goal, which is all humans playing on an equal field.

Therefore, "feminist" doesn't mean womxn who want to be superior to men. It doesn't mean womxn who hate men. It means both men and womxn who believe in safety, opportunities, and respect for everyone, free of bias. Both sides must rally for a common goal -- a level playing field for all!

Graphic by: Meera Thamaran '23