Labeling Empathy

Author: Sana Madhavan, Barrington High School ‘20.

It is not political or “liberal” in the slightest to support Black Lives Matter. Yet many fail to see past these misinformed, arbitrary labels that conceal basic emotions of empathy and consideration towards one another.

What is one’s goal in abiding by these labels? Being associated with a political affiliation similar to their parents and grandparents and so on? One that’s been passed down from generation to generation with no real logical reason? In the same line of reasoning, it’s hypocritical to deem that one can’t wear a mask in public because they desire to have control over their bodies, yet that same group of people aims to limit a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body.

Someday very soon we need to see past these political borders because human rights are not political. No matter how corrupt politicians try to divide citizens into strict political lines, it’s important that we realize that politics do not define issues that we should all care about. There is no strict dividing line, and no label for caring about others. We can only be united and fight the disease and injustice that is plaguing the world today when we cross borders and deviate from traditional labels that were put in place just to divide us.


Graphic courtesy of UX Collective