What's The Purple Project?

The Purple Project is a series of webinars that strive to highlight current events, inform on important topics, and showcase the opportunities available to students! 

How do I take part in The Purple Project?

If you're interested in speaking, reach out to us! We're looking for leaders with experience working in social activism who can speak to teenagers about becoming advocates. If you're interested in attending a webinar, our Zoom link will be posted here or on our Instagram! Make sure to submit questions for the Q&A portion of each event here.

What's each event for The Purple Project like? 

We'll start out each event with 10 minutes of a prepared presentation by the speaker. Then, we'll transition over to 20 minutes of Q&A and discussion. We want each event to focus on a different topic to make The Purple Project as diverse as possible! 


Debbie O'Reilly


Natasha Rappazzo

Amanda Mendoza headshot 2019.jpg

Debbie O'Reilly is our first speaker for The Purple Project. She's the President of WOW Dems, an organization that supports womxn in politics in North Texas. She'll be speaking about leading WOW Dems, getting involved in politics at a young age, and the importance of voting in the upcoming election. Our first event will be held on August 1st at 12 PM CST. Visit to learn more about Debbie.

Natasha Rappazzo is cohosting our second event for The Purple Project. They are the Dallas Community Outreach Specialist for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. Natasha graduated from Hofstra University in 2017 with a degree in Political Science and History, then moved back to Texas to advocate for change in their community. They have a passion for policy, reproductive justice, anti-imperialist feminism, and Billy Joel. Our event will be held on August 8th at 12 PM CST. Visit Planned Parenthood to learn more.

Amanda Mendoza is cohosting our second event for The Purple Project. She has served her community for 4 years as an educator under an OAH grant to prevent unintended teen pregnancy. She has a BA in Advertising and Communication technology and works extensively in creating and distributing educational marketing for her affiliate.  

Amanda Mendoza

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Cherika Latham


Selin Ozunaldim

Cherika Latham is a lawyer focusing on international corporate law, private equity and hedge fund issues as well as an experienced General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer. Her passion is education and she spends her time away from her beloved family and engaging work, advocating for people and projects which move the needle of racial equity. She considers herself a problem solver turned activist. Our event will be held on August 29th at 12 PM CST. Visit Just One Thing to learn more.

Selin is a 17-year-old gender equality activist from Istanbul, Turkey. She is the youngest representative of UNWomen's global gender equality movement HeForShe, the founder of the first Girl Up Club in Turkey, a campaign started by the United Nations Foundation to help girls build leadership skills, the founder of Girls Who Code Turkey where she and her team focus on teaching the basics of coding to young girls. Selin is very much proud to be one of the 300 activists around the globe chosen by the United Nations to be Gender Youth Activists.